OneNote Gets Major Mac Improvements

OneNote is one of Microsoft’s major products that is seen to work across all platforms, and the Mac platform is one that Microsoft is making a strong push for lately. On Tuesday, Microsoft issued major updates to OneNote, that should please OneNote users on the Mac.

The updates made to OneNote for the Mac were numerous in nature, and surprised many who follow OneNote and the Mac closely. Either way, the updates are sure to make OneNote users on the Mac very happy and use it more often.

Microsoft Updates OneNote For Mac

Add Files From Anywhere

One of the biggest improvements for the OneNote program for the Mac and iOS, is the ability to add notes from your favorite cloud storage in your iPhone or iPad. Users will need to install iOS 8 and use a cloud storage service, but this will allow users to insert a file and then insert it into their notes from anywhere.

Another major update is the ability to manage section passwords and unlock using Touch ID. The ability to unlock existing password protected areas was possible before, but required an additional Windows PC. Now, users can use Touch ID to unlock it all, and setup passwords for sections of their notebook that they want protected.

Microsoft Shows Off Latest OneNote Updates For Mac

Moving Pages and Opening Server Notebooks

The third major update for OneNote on the Mac, is the ability to move and rearrange pages on the iPhone. Users can now tap on edit, and reorder pages in their notebook, and then rearrange them as needed. This was a very desired feature from users, and for those with complicated thoughts, can make for a live-saving feature.

Lastly, for Mac users, they can now open SharePoint server notebooks on their Mac. It’s been available to Windows users for sometime, but this ability is now open to those with Macs, iPhone’s, and iPad’s. This is a major deal for enterprise users and those who use OneNote in their business often. Having server side notebooks in a central location or on the cloud is often where businesses keep data, and by opening it to Mac users finally, Microsoft can get these users using OneNote now.

These OneNote updates are big for the Mac and iOS. OneNote is becoming a big Mac deal, and Microsoft has shown it with the updates.

Published: Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 Last Modified: October 29, 2014

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