OneNote Gets Major Mac and iOS Updates

As OneNote goes from just the Windows world, and transforms itself across various platforms, the Mac and iOS platforms are becoming huge markets for the software. On Tuesday, Microsoft updated both platforms for OneNote, which should make users very satisfied.

Microsoft announced four major updates for OneNote for Mac, OneNote for iPad, and OneNote for iPhone. They make OneNote more optimized for taking notes and staying organized, from the workplace to the school room. Either way, OneNote got a lot better on Tuesday with the updates.

Microsoft's OneNote Gets Major Mac and iOS Updates

OneDrive Support Plus Inserting Files

The first major update for OneNote for these platforms was the addition of being able to access OneNote notebooks on OneDrive for Business. Now, users who use either OneDrive or OneDrive for Business will be able to access, open, sync, or create projects. Users can sign in with their organizational account if they want as well.

The second major update is the ability to keep OneNote users more organized when it comes to documents and notebooks. Users can now insert and view files, including PDF printouts in their notebooks. These could be on the Mac, iPad, or iPhone, and a powerpoint could be inserted and viewed in the built in app viewer and in OneNote.

Microsoft's OneNote Gets Password Protection For Notebooks For Users

Security and Organizational Changes

The third update centers on security on OneNote across these platforms. Onenote now allows for passwords to be entered in various sections of a notebook, which gives it a ton more security for users. Users can review and edit notes, then lock it down with a password, and then limit that access to whomever has that password.

Lastly, organizational and re-arranging of notebooks was added to OneNote for Mac and iOS devices. Microsoft added additional copy and paste improvements for the release, allows users to send notes as PDF attachments, and include those in the message body. All of these updates will allow OneNote to be used more frequently and across various organizations and schools more efficiently. These updates are available as of now, and Microsoft launched a feedback site for users to comment as well.

This new update for OneNote is great for Mac users. It makes it more useful and a great set of updates for users.

Published: Wednesday, July 30th, 2014 Last Modified: July 30, 2014

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