OneNote Gets Mac Updates and Apple Watch Support

OneNote continues its success, and has made itself a bestselling program on the Mac platform. While its Windows counterpart gets more frequent update, when the Mac version gets updated, it gets a lot of updates. On Thursday, Microsoft issued a number of updates to OneNote, giving it more Mac support, and handwriting & Apple Watch support.

Support for OneNote is one of those things that Microsoft is continuing to give to its product, and users are appreciative of the updates. Both the PC and Windows versions get it seems monthly updates, and mobile versions get those updates as well. All of these make OneNote a better program for all.

Microsoft Updates OneNote With Handwriting Support Searches

Handwriting Search and Apple Watch Support

Users write notes and its not a surprise that they use it on their iPad’s and other tablet devices. OneNote has supported handwriting recognition since 2006, but its increased usage has only increased with the Surface Pro 3 and other devices. Now, updates to OneNote to allow for searching through handwritten notes comes.

OneNote now allows users to search through handwritten notes saved in OneNote notebooks. Users can start searching, and OneNote will find the data. Additionally, Apple Watch support has arrived for users to view notes on their wrists. For the iPad, overall bug fixes have been made, making it a stronger iPad product.

Microsoft Updates OneNote For Mac With Audio Recording Updates

Audio Recording Comes To OneNote for Mac

The Mac product has gotten its updates, and since its launch a year ago, has been updated on a fairly regular basis. Now, audio recording comes to OneNote for the Mac, and this has been one of the most highly requested features to include on the product. Users can also recover deleted notes as well.

Users can now insert audio recordings into notes, and that will help users in classes, meetings, interviews, and anywhere else that audio is being recorded while taking notes. Its a fairly simple integration, and one that users will use immediately. This is a big update, and one that OneNote needed badly.

OneNote got a lot of needed updates on Thursday. If you use it, download the updates today.

Published: Friday, May 15th, 2015 Last Modified: May 15, 2015

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