OneNote Gets Audio, Video and File Insertion Tools

OneNote is a program that educational users, personal users, and business users use across the board. With its growing usage, Microsoft is eager to give users more features. On Thursday, Microsoft unveiled a number of new tools for OneNote from mobile to the desktop.

On Thursday, Microsoft updated OneNote with the ability to embed video, record audio, the ability to insert files, and more. They are all available with the latest updates, and includes mobile updates to the OneNote programs for all mobile platforms.

Microsoft Gives OneNote Audio Recording Update

Audio Recording and Inserting Files

The first major update for OneNote is the ability to record audio. This will be perfect for recording lectures, meetings, and is available for the iPhone and iPad for mobile users. Just click Insert and Record Audio and it starts, then click stop and its all over.

Second, users will now be able to insert files directly into OneNote with file attachments. Users can click the Insert, File Attachment, and then select the fie. This will be ideal for students who need to insert papers into their notes for studying and more.

Microsoft Lets Users Embed Video Into OneNote 2016

Embedding Video and More

Third, users will now be able to embed online video with OneNote 2016. Users can insert videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Office Mix. Within OneNote 2016, a user can click insert and then online video. Users can insert the video link, and it will appear automatically.

Mobile versions of OneNote got updates as well. Android got a new OneNote badge for Android, and this will let OneNote float in the system, and let users jot down notes from anywhere. Lastly, iOS got updates as well with Force Touch, and makes it easier to take notes.

OneNote got a lot stronger this week. All these updates make OneNote a more multimedia friendly tool for many.

Published: Saturday, November 14th, 2015 Last Modified: November 14, 2015

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