OneNote Gains More Educational Tools

It’s pretty apparent that Microsoft’s OneNote is a huge hit for the educational community. From students to teachers, OneNote is used daily by them to take notes, give presentations, and much more. On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled a new OneNote Class Notebook Creator, which is aimed to help teachers.

This new OneNote Class Notebook Creator is a brand new app from Microsoft, and is aimed to help teachers create a paperless environment in their classroom. It does require an Office 365 subscripton, but with Microsoft giving these away at the school level, it makes it a great free app for teachers.

Microsoft Relases OneNote Class Notebook Creator For Teachers

What Is Included

The main goal os the new OneNote Class Notebook Creator is to give teachers a new way to use OneNote in their classrooms. It will make is easier for them in a few new ways. From making it easier to collect homework, quizzes, exams, and handouts is the major goal.

In addition to that, the new app will hopefully enable all student work and teacher feedback to be exchanged automatically in one place, in one place virtually anytime, and anywhere. Lastly, it will combine real-time individualized coaching of a shared notebook with collaboration of OneNote and digital handwriting.

Microsoft Courts Teachers With Release Of New Teacher App For OneNote

Three Sections Within The App

Within the app, there are three different sections of the area for different uses. The first is for notebooks, and will allow teachers to look at students work, and acess the private notebooks at anytime. But, students will not be allowed to access each others notebooks, much to their dismayal.

The other two sections are part of the content library and collaboration space. Class material can be shared in this area, created via Office 365 programs, and shared with students via lesson plans and other methods. It’s a simple app with a lot of promise, and one that teachers who use OneNote in the classroom, can make teachers lives a lot easier. The app is available today for IT administrators to install, and is a simple process. Microsoft is also encouraging feedback from teachers via a special email adddress on the app, and looking for ways to improve it regularly.

I enjoy OneNote for Education. It’s a great app, and mixed with the Surface Pro 3 makes a great learning device.

Published: Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 Last Modified: October 8, 2014

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