OneNote Gains Handwriting Support For iPads and More

OneNote is used by an amazing number of people on a daily basis, and Microsoft is gaining users like no other product with it. On Thursday, Microsoft issued a major update for OneNote, giving it handwriting support for the iPad, and OCR recognition on every edition of OneNote starting today.

The two major updates for OneNote mean that more users can start utilizing the program. Handwriting support has long been requested for iPad users, and OCR support as well. Both of these are long awaited user requests, and in its blog post, Microsoft is very eager to get them out.

Microsoft OneNote For iPad Gets Handwriting Support

Handwriting Capture On iPad

With today’s update, the iPad gains handwriting support with OneNote. Users can pen notes in all OneNote apps for tablets, including OneNote, OneNote for Windows Store, Android, and the iPad. Users on the iPad just need to tap the draw tab on the ribbon, select a pen, and then start writing away.

There are a number of updates made to the iPad app as well, and their are a number of colored pens available to write and draw with as well. Four classic pen colors are front-and-center, and users can select from 16 more on the color wheel. This should please many iPad users, and is a huge improvement.

Microsoft Adds OCR Support To OneNote

OCR Support Added To OneNote

Another major request from users with OneNote, has been OCR support with images. Users capture recipes, menus, and shopping lists, and didn’t have a great way to search for it. Now, with the OCR update, users can search for documents and text with OCR support, and should make it easier to find items they need.

The OCR support is available for a number of languages, and Microsoft is looking to add more language support to it. Users can add a picture that has text saved on OneDrive, and within a few minutes be able to find the image using search. This has been added to iPhone, iPad, and all versions of OneNote.

These two updates to OneNote are big for users. Handwriting and OCR support are important, and finally users get it from Microsoft.

Published: Saturday, February 21st, 2015 Last Modified: February 21, 2015

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