OneNote For Windows Made Officially Free

The OneNote program has been widely successful across a number of platforms for Microsoft, and for Windows it has always been a freemium product. On Friday, Microsoft opened the floodgates to free OneNote programs, as they announced that OneNote for Windows is free.

The announcement from Microsoft to make OneNote free, is a big thing for Windows users. The OneNote program has been limited by features that cost extra, but now its become a free product. The Windows and OS X versions are now free, and available via

Microsoft Makes OneNote Free On Windows and OS X

Why Make OneNote Free?

Its new free status, means that OneNote is going to become bigger than ever. It’s had a number of features that had been locked with premium upgrade options, and were meant for a particular subset of users. By adjusting it to free, OneNote for Windows and OS X can be used by all and with the full versions.

Microsoft released the premium features of OneNote on Friday. These include password protected sections, page history, audio and video recording, audio searches, and embedded files. While these features were advanced ones that most users might not use, the ability to now use them is awesome.

OneNote With New Free Features Announced On Friday For All

Now Combine OneNote With OneDrive

Now, with OneNote being available for free, users can now integrate the advanced features of OneNote with OneDrive. All users get 15GB of OneDrive storage for free, and users can use that storage to store notes, syncing links, and anything else. This is free backup from Microsoft for all.

This launch of OneNote is the latest in the Microsoft news cycle. It’s release of the Windows 10 preview, Windows 10 Phone Preview, and touch versions of Office are what is coming from Microsoft. OneNote is a great product, and its integrated cloud backup is a great thing and for all to try out today.

Try the new OneNote today for free. I use it daily, and love its new features.

Published: Monday, February 16th, 2015 Last Modified: February 16, 2015

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