OneNote For Windows 10 Gets Ink Effects

Taking notes can often be one of the most important things you do, whether for business, pleasure, or for school. But, making them stand out is something that most notetaking programs cannot do. But, updates to OneNote make that possible.

The latest updates to the OneNote app for Windows 10, give the user the ability to add ink effects to their notes. It makes the average notes get noticed, and makes the note taking experience on Windows 10 a lot more fun.

OneNote On Windows 10 Gets Ink Effects

Ink Effects

As described in their blog post, Microsoft explained that the OneNote app for Windows 10, gets a number of new ink effects. They include rainbow, galaxy, gold, and silver effects, which can makes notes look awesome.

The ink effects were something that students actually recommended to Microsoft in school visists, and it gave beta testers a lot of overall smiles. It’s available to OneNote fans with Office 365 subsciptions to use.

OneNote With Web Clipper Makes Web Surfing More Fun

One Note Clipper Updates

Microsoft has updated the OneNote Web Clipper on Windows 10 as well, and this works with Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Now, it lets you rpeview web pages, it lets you import videos from YouTube and Video, and more.

Users can highlight text and save that to OneNote, clip multiple regions in one go, use their own titles on pages, and make articles save your own way. The last item lets you change font sizes and type sizes of the article.

OneNote for Windows 10 got more colorful. The OneNote Web Clipper is part of the Windows 10 experience, and it makes it more useful as well.

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Published: Friday, July 22nd, 2016 Last Modified: July 22, 2016

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