OneNote For iPhone Gets Updated Features

The OneNote app for the iPhone has been a relatively strong success for Microsoft, and its focus on building for the iPhone and iPad has been successful. On Tuesday, Microsoft updated the OneNote for iPhone app, and showed off what OneNote is capable of, and gives users two new features.

The OneNote for iPhone is all about capturing information wherever the user is, and the iPhone app has been very successful in doing that. With the two new features available for users starting on Tuesday, the ability to capture got easier, and this means even more uses for OneNote on iOS.

Microsoft Updates OneNote App For iOS 8 With Widgets & Notification Center Support

Capture Thoughts From The Notification Center

The first major update for the iPhone, is the ability to capture thoughts directly from the notification center. The update to iOS 8 allows users to install widgets in the notification center, and this means that OneNote gets a widget. Users can install the widget, and then start capturing ideas.

Users can install the widget easily on their iPhones. They can download the OneNote for iPhone app, swipe down from the top of the screen to activate the notification center, tap the Today, tap You may need to scroll down to see it, find OneNote in the list and tap the green add button, and then tap done.

Microsoft Shows Off OneNote Updates For iPhone

Accessing Notes From Anywhere

In addition to the new widgets, OneNote now also allows users to include notes from anywhere they have had access to OneNote. The Recent Notes list will show all the notes, and will include them from anywhere the user has used OneNote, not just from their phone. Start from the desktop or tablet, and view them on the iPhone.

This has been a huge request from users, and Microsoft gave users a top request today. Additionally, the bug fixes have been done to improve iPhone, iPad, and Mac clients. OneNote has been a very successful product across all the mobile and desktop programs, and the iPhone version got a lot of great updates.

I love OneNote and use it daily. It got a lot of great updates today, and that will please many iPhone users of OneNote.

Published: Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 Last Modified: January 28, 2015

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