OneNote For iPad Gets New Additions

On Friday, Microsoft released updates for its OneNote for iPad program, which gives users more flexibility and usefulness. The additions will also enable users to not be linked to their machines as much to create of edit sections, which is a huge improvement for all.

The updates released on Friday by Microsoft, give users exciting new additions for the OneNote for iPad program. The ability to create and edit sections of notes from the iPad along with the general bug fixes is live now on the iTunes App Store for users to download.


Creating New SkyDrive Notebooks

Users of the OneNote for iPad program can now create SkyDrive notebooks on their iPads. All one has to do is click “create notebook”, enter the name of the new notebook, and then tap create. From there users will be able to group notes, add sections, rename sections, and delete sections directly from their iPads. This will be a huge improvement for serious OneNote users, and gives users the flexibility in the program they have desired for a long time.

Japanese Typing Improvements and More

Along with the huge improvements made in the program, Japanese-language customers will find that they can type quicker due to engineering improvements. The Japanese market is a very important market for Microsoft and the iPad, and making these improvements for that market will please those affected.

Smaller Download and Automatic List Detection

The size of the download for OneNote for iPad has been reduced in half by the Microsoft team after many complaints. Also, the update gives support for automatic list detection, so users can work more on content, versus formatting them on the go.

The Office Blog also details other general bug fixes for the program that were released with the update. The update is available for the iPhone and iPad units, and is live on the App Store. Those who use OneNote a lot will love the changes made by Microsoft, and will give it the functionality that the mobile app truly deserves. OneNote is a mobile application, and with these updates on Friday, makes it a huge powerhouse to go up against Evernote and others from now on.

Published: Saturday, September 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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