OneNote For Android Gets Major Updates

OneNote is one of Microsoft’s most popular applications, and on Tuesday, Microsoft issued a major update for the Android client. The number of updates made to the Android definitely makes it compete against Evernote, and will give Android users a great tool for 2014.

The OneNote program is one of Microsoft’s most widely used program for notetaking and other productivity tools. As the Android client has been not updated in a while, many wondered whether or not Microsoft still cared about it, and clearly did with its numerous updates.

Microsoft Updates OneNote Program For Android On Tuesday

Adding Information From Anywhere

One of the biggest updates made to the OneNote program for Android is the abilit to add information from almost any program on your smartphone. Any content can be added to the OneNote program simply by choosing the share button within the Android menu’s on any application, and then choose Add To OneNote.

The simple ability to add information to OneNote from any application on the smartphone is a huge plus for OneNote and will make it grow in its popularity. Traditionally, adding information and notes to OneNote required adding it directly via the program, but the easy sharing update clearly takes care of that for now.

OneNote For Android Gets Enhancements And Bug Fixes

Widgets, Improvements and Multi-Windows

Some of the other improvements that Microsoft made to the OneNote program includes the ability to add notes via the OneNote recent widget on the home screen of the home screen. Add something to the home screen and then tap away, and have that content added to OneNote, and make it that easy. From bug fixes to overall speed improvements, Microsoft made it a point to overhaul the OneNote program for its Android users.

In addition to other overall system improvements to the OneNote for Android program, Microsoft added the ability to support multi-windows modes on Samsung Galaxy S3 phones. Users using this model of Android smartphone will be able to quickly capture notes within their primary program, choose the multi-window program, and then add notes to OneNote. This easy sharing of information to OneNote will make a huge hit for Samsung fans too.

I use OneNote daily and use Android as well. I updated the program and now plan on using more than ever before.

Published: Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 Last Modified: January 1, 2014

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