OneNote Clipper Launches On Chrome

As OneNote is becoming one of Microsoft’s most widely popular free products, users who use Chrome have been left out of the OneNote action. But on late Friday, Microsoft announced a new tool for OneNote users on Chrome, that will allow them to share notes to OneNote easier than ever.

Microsoft on Friday, announced two new tools that will allow users of Chrome and SpringPad to use OneNote easy. This shows that Microsoft is looking beyond just Internet Explorer, and showing off OneNote to other partners, to build expansion tools and get those users onboard as well.

Microsoft Releases OneNote Chrome Extension Tool

OneNote Clipper For Chrome

Microsoft announced a OneNote clipper which allows users to share items to OneNote easily, and did it 60 days ago. But, Chrome users were left out of the party, and Microsoft listened to them carefully. By building this Chrome extension, saving notes to OneNote from Chrome is super easy and practical.

All a Chrome user has to do is to visit, press the install to Chrome button, and add. The users will then be able to clip any web page they desire and have it save directly to OneNote. As OneNote is cross platform, it can be shared with PC’s, Mac’s, tablets, and mobile devices.

Microsoft Gives Springpad Users A Free Export Tool To OneNote

Springpad To OneNote Migration Tool

Along with the OneNote for Chrome extension release, Microsoft also announced a migration tool for SpringPad. This service was widely used, but unfortunately is closing on June 25. The free tool from Microsoft will allow users to export their data and notes from Springpad and use it on OneNote.

Users just need to head to SpringPad, click export their data, and will be given a .zip file. Then users can head to the Springpad to OneNote site, sign in with their Microsoft account and upload that .zip file to OneNote. The import could take some time, but Microsoft will email the users when its done and ready for them to use. This should be a very useful tool for Springpad fans, and for those looking for a new service to use.

OneNote grows and grows, and has two new tools. I use OneNote daily, and love it with each day I use it.

Published: Monday, June 9th, 2014 Last Modified: June 9, 2014

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