OneNote Arrives For Free On Mac And Windows

OneNote is one of Microsoft’s more popular applications, and rumors about it being released for the Mac has been a fairly discussed topic. On Monday, Microsoft released the OneNote for Mac product in addition to a freemium version of OneNote for Windows.

OneNote from Microsoft certainly became a lot more interesting on Monday, with the release of both products from Microsoft. The Mac line of computers finally gets the program, and Windows users won’t have to buy the Office product to get it on their Windows machines.

Microsoft OneNote Arrives On The Mac For Free

OneNote For Mac Features

With the OneNote for Mac program, Microsoft gives users of OS X 10.9 or greater a great tool. It features a way to capture notes for work or research, ways to keep track of shopping lists, ways to create itineraries on the go, take pictures of documents for record keeping, researching ideas, and more.

The Mac product also allows users to sync notebooks across devices, and that goes to mobile and Windows devices as well. Notes on the Mac product maintain their looks and formatting, and users can bold, italicize, underline, and make any other formatting changes. Searches and reordering of notebooks can also be made from the app. The app is available in the Mac App Store today.

Microsoft OneNote Available For Free To Windows Users

OneNote For Windows For Free

In addition to the Mac product, Microsoft also released the Windows version of Windows as a standalone product. It is available for free, and doesn’t come with any gimmicks for users to get tricked on. Microsoft sees OneNote as a huge tool, and doesn’t want to lose users to Evernote, and other products.

Of course, users who have Office 365 can get complete integration into the product, while the free version doesn’t allow that. The freemium version for Windows as its being called, has a ton of features and gives Windows users one of the best possible note taking applications on the market today. By giving it away for free, Microsoft is giving people a great program in hoping that they one day convert to Office 365 users.

I love this move for OneNote. I love OneNote and have downloaded both, and they work great.

Published: Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 Last Modified: March 18, 2014

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