OneNote Announces Partnership With NeatConnect

OneNote is growing faster than ever, and with its cross platform abilities, more users are using it more than ever. As this happens, new input devices need to be able to access OneNote, and on Tuesday, OneNote announced a partnership with Neat with its NeatConnect package.

NeatConnect is a product from Neat that tightly integrates with OneNote, and will bring together the power of the cloud along with OneNote. It comes with a touchscreen display, and lets people be more productive than ever, making OneNote that much more powerful.

Microsoft Teams Up With Neat For OneNote Partnership

How OneNote Plus NeatConnect Work

With the Neat Connect, users are able to scan their documents, pictures, or anything else they want to scan for personal and business use. Once that document or photo is scanned, it automatically is sent to the cloud, and from there connects to everywhere that OneNote is signed up for for the user.

All a user has to do is pres the orange Scan button on the NeatConnect, and sharing documents in OneNote is that simple. The NeatConnect scanners handle a huge variety of different documents, photos, business cards, and other items. Now, scanning to OneNote makes those items easily found via OneNote.

Microsoft Builds OneNote Support For The NeatConnect Line Of Scanners

The Neat And Microsoft Partnership

With its announcement on Tuesday, Neat formed a partnership that gives them and Microsoft a great business building block. The ability to scan without a computer will make their scanners able to be used anywhere, and the direct to the cloud ability gives it a very easy way for anyone to use it.

Since OneNote already allows users to capture anything, organize it in a digital binder, search for anything across notebooks, share, and has a built-in API system, it is a great tool for organizations everywhere. Microsoft made a strong move partnering up with Neat, and with the NeatConnect having integrated Wi-FI and a easy to use interface, anyone can use it right out of the box. The company of Neat is all about sharing, scanning, and easy to use devices, and now OneNote can share in the success of it as well.

This is a great day for OneNote. I use Neat products, and will want to upgrade to a NeatConnect soon.

Published: Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 Last Modified: June 11, 2014

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