OneDrives Gives iPhone Users 30GB Of Free Storage

OneDrive is one of the hottest and most successful cloud storage services, and Microsoft clearly has a hit on its hands with people using it. On Friday, Microsoft doubled the amount of storage for iPhone users, giving them 30GB of free storage.

By giving iPhone users a new 30GB storage limit, it gives iPhone users another source of online backup and cloud storage. The OneDrive service is available via the OneDrive application, that has been redone for iOS 8, and is available starting today.

30GB For iPhone Users

In its blog post, Microsoft detailed that the expansion of the 15GB of storage to 30GB of cloud storage took effect immediately. It gives iPhone users a ton of storage to store documents, photos, videos, and any other type of file they want.

Part of the demand is based on the demand from users of the 16GB iPhone model, and most is from Microsoft looking to court iPhone fans. A users just has to signup for OneDrive, and activate the auto upload feature to get the 15GB of base storage and 15GB of camer roll bonus.

Microsoft Gives All Users 30GB In Latest Promo

Bonus Goes Beyond iPhone

Microsoft just didn’t expand the OneDrive storage to iPhone users, but also gave Windows Phone, Android, and Windows users the extra expansion. The point is to get auto backup turned on, and to sync photos to the OneDrive servie. The apps have been redone for mobile users in mind, and OneDrive has been redone as well.

This is considered a limited time offer from Microsoft, so users of iPhones, iPads, Windows Phone, Android, and Windows devices will want to signup for the extra storage pretty quickly. It gives them a lot of free online storage, and gives them a great way to backup with not much effort. It has the Microsoft brand, the OneDrive name, and the reliability of Azure all built into one. The revised OneDrive promo is sure to get a lot of users using the service, and that will be perfect for OneDrive as it competes with Amazon, Box, and Dropbox in this space.

Go grab this OneDrive promo right away. It’s 30GB for free, and that is a great OneDrive promo to grab a hold of today.

Published: Sunday, September 21st, 2014 Last Modified: March 28, 2015

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