OneDrive Users Want Unlimited Back But No Go

OneDrive users have been very focal on a number of Microsoft forums as of late, and want their unlimited usage back from the company. On Monday, Microsoft told them they are sorry, but it’s not coming back.

Microsoft told users last month that they would be taking away the unlimited OneDrive tier for users. The reasons were due to piracy concerns and people backing up video collections, but users still aren’t happy.

Microsoft Fans Upset About OneDrive Storage Losses

Microsoft’s New Statement

In their blog post, Microsoft stated that the decision to take away the unlimited tier was a business decision, and initially blamed customers for this problem. They apologized for pointing the blame at them.

The company stated that they are looking into possibly a new offer that would grandfather those users into a new tier, but if giving users a new number of ways to enjoy OneDrive across their machines.

Microsoft Offers OneDrive Fans Grandfather Plans For Storage

New Tiers

Microsoft came out with new tiers for those unhappy with the OneDrive decisions. Users now get 1TB of storage per user, and Microsoft will give those who got the 10TB boost, the storage for another 12 months.

Free OneDrive accounts with over 5GB of storage on it, will get a free year of Office 365 next year. Those with 15GB of free storage and the other 15GB via a camera roll bonus, need to fill out a special link to keep the storage.

Microsoft is trying to keep users happy with OneDrive. Unlimited is nice, but it comes with problems, as the company has discovered.

Published: Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 Last Modified: December 15, 2015

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