OneDrive Update Gets Apple Watch Support

OneDrive is one of the more quickly updated programs from Microsoft, and its updates to the growing mobile market is making OneDrive a very successful one as well. On Monday, Microsoft updated OneDrive, giving it Apple Watch support, quicker than most other apps around the market.

The update to OneDrive for the Apple Watch program is a first for any Microsoft product, and its an interesting one. The Apple Watch is still relatively new in the market, and in limited supplies, but Microsoft is making sure that users wanting both OneDrive and the Apple Watch will be satisfied.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive For Apple Watch Users

Apple Watch Update

The latest OneDrive app update will give users the ability to display photos on their Apple Watch. Users can view albums, delete photos, and find photos on their Apple Watch via OneDrive by using tags. It is still confined to the Apple Watch 1.5 inch and 1.7 inch platforms of the Apple Watch.

Apple users should be happy about this mobile update, as Microsoft is again showing that they are interested in the complete mobile market, and not just for Android or Windows Phone. The OneDrive update is available via the Apple App Market/iTunes, and is an interesting one to try out.

Microsoft Gives Apple Watch Users Major Support For OneDrive

OneDrive For Mobile Already A Hit

Those who use OneDrive on mobile wearables, will know that it currently already supports the watch formats. It now works with the Android Wear watches, and is compatible with other platforms. The Android Wear update includes a clunky keyboard and ways to take limited notes on the phones.

This shows that Microsoft is thinking about OneDrive for more than just the desktop or laptops. It is quickly being adapted for mobile platforms, and the Apple Watch is the hottest mobile wearable today. With this Apple Watch update, it shows that Microsoft is listening to mobile users.

OneDrive for the Apple Watch is available today. Try it out and see what you think.

Published: Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 Last Modified: April 21, 2015

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