OneDrive Storage Amounts Boost for Office 365 Users

Office 365 users got a big boost of storage courtesy of Microsoft on Monday, and users should be excited with this vast boost in online storage. The move by Microsoft gives Office 365 users a huge upgrade in storage amounts from 15GB up to 1TB if needed.

The move to give users more storage for Office 365 on OneDrive, clearly means that Microsoft is going to war against Google Drive and other online storage companies. By lowering their prices and boosting offerings to current customers, OneDrive is now a huge player.

Microsoft Gives OneDrive Users Big Storage Boost

OneDrive Upgrades

First, Microsoft stated in a blogpost that they are upping the beginning storage for OneDrive customers. When the service launched, it meant that users who used OneDrive only got 7 GB of storage, but now it means they get 15 GB of storage for free. This matches up with Google Drive, and is great for Microsoft users.

This big update is perfect for those who use Office 365, Word, Excel, and other Microsoft services. Microsoft also stated that in the next month, Office 365 users will get up to 1 TB of free space, and that is a huge upgrade from the 20 GB they get now. That was only done for business customers, but now its for all subscribers.

Microsoft Cuts Prices Of OneDrive Service To Compete Against Google Drive and Others

OneDrive Price Cuts

Along with the various OneDrive storage moves on Monday, Microsoft also announced that they are dropping the price of its service. 100GB of storage is only $1.99, 200GB is only $3.99, and other prices are also available. Their was a 50GB plan originally for users, but this plan has been eliminated by the company.

The move to lower online storage costs for OneDrive users will allow them to almost upload anything to the OneDrive service. Whether they use it for docs, photos, spreadsheets, or collaborations, there will be plenty to share. Of course, Dropbox and Google Drive might have something to say about this, but Office 365 with OneDrive got a major increase of storage fans on Monday with these moves. With 1TB of online storage, that should be enough to please almost any user.

OneDrive needed these price cuts. They will be rolling out slowly, but give OneDrive users plenty of storage.

Published: Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 Last Modified: June 24, 2014

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