OneDrive March Updates Previewed From Microsoft

OneDrive is one of those programs that is being used across a number of platforms, and its just not Windows machines anymore. Mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and more are using OneDrive daily. On Tuesday, Microsoft previewed the March updates for OneDrive, whih will help the user experience greatly.

In its OneDrive Blog on Tuesday, Reuben Krippner went into detail about the upcoming OneDrive updates, that should roll out towards the end of March. All of these updates, from file actions to overall usability, will make OneDrive flow easier across devices for users anywhere on the planet.

Microsoft Previews March 2015 OneDrive Updates

Simpler File Actions

The first major thing that was mentioned in the blog post, is easier and simpler file action. A new simple right-click menu will make it easier to perform the easiest of functions. Users will be able to edit, download, share, copy or move and delete. This will make getting to files and accessing them easier.

In addition, version history will be available as an advanced option, as Microsoft saw that many users weren’t using it daily. Move or Copy will also be listed under the commands, and this will make moving files around OneDrive much easier. It may seem simple, but these simple commands will make OneDrive much easier to operate.

Microsoft Makes Finding & Sharing Files Easier With March 2015 OneDrive Update

Finding Files & Sharing Folders

Users will be able to just type the search word and OneDrive will find the file, starting in March. Additionally, users will get a beautiful card layout showing recent files, and be given a preview of the files. Context will also be given about these files, and even have access to Delve files if needed.

Lastly, users will be able to setup project folders on OneDrive for Business a lot easier. Users can create a folder, and invite people to that folder. This stops users from having to go back and invite them after the folder has been created. This simple OneDrive for Business function has been long lacking.

March 2015 is big for OneDrive from Microsoft. It gets big updates, and updates it needs as it goes against Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Published: Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 Last Modified: March 11, 2015

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