OneDrive Joins Amazon’s Latest Devices

As we have noted on a few different occasions, OneNote continues to grow on several different platforms from Microsoft, and its pretty apparent that Microsoft wants OneDrive everywhere. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced OneDrives latest victory, placements on Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Fire Phone.

Amazon’s Fire Phone is the latest darling in the tech world, and its a new and exciting phone platform from Amazon. Both the Fire Phone and Kindle Fire can use a native note taking application, and Microsoft has delivered in on these two platforms as of today.

Microsoft Updates OneNote App For Amazon's Fire and Kindle Fire

App Updates For Amazon Users

It was only a few weeks ago, when the Office team released the OneNote app for Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Fire Phone, and it got a lot of praise and support from Amazon fans. The latest set of updates released on Wednesday, truly take advantage of the Amazon’s great technology and enables great captures from anywhere.

With the app update, users can now store, view, and share their favorite photos and important documents right from their phone or tablet. The ability to access notes and files along with being more productive on the go, makes Amazon’s products and OneNote a perfect working duo.

Microsoft Gives Amazon Users OneNote Update Across Platforms

App Highlights On Amazon

With the OneNote app on the Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Fire Phone, users can browse all their OneDrive files and files that are shared with users. Users can share files by inviting people, sending a link, or sending files to other apps as well. The ability to open OneDrive files on other apps plus quickly accessing documents is huge for users.

It’s pretty clear that Microsoft wants to get OneDrive everywhere, and by updating it on the Amazon Kindle Fire and Fire Phone, that Microsoft is courting Amazon pretty hard. The Amazon fanbase might be smaller and a different fanbase than traditional Android, but this group of users spends money on Amazon and Microsoft wants their usage as well. These latest updates for a free OneNote app give them huge productivity boosts and a great set of updates all for the price of a free download.

There’s no reason to not download OneNote now. It’s all over Amazon, and free.

Published: Thursday, August 7th, 2014 Last Modified: August 7, 2014

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