OneDrive Gets More Beautiful Renovation

OneDrive has been a very successful product from Microsoft, and they are getting an increased number of users to upload photos, videos, and music to it daily. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced updates to the OneDrive web experience, making it shine even further.

The new OneDrive web experience was redone from the beginning, and Microsoft took it from its beginnings to make sure they gave users a great thing. From a 4px grid, to visual and responsive grids, OneDrive looks amazing and is worth checking out today.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive Experience With Brighter Colors

Brighter Colors and Typography

One of the most important things that users will notice, is the bright new colors of the site. Microsoft is using a new color pallette to make sure the set of colors work for all users, and brings a new refreshing and creative energy to the OneDrive UI. It looks amazing in our tests.

Microsoft also redid the typography of OneDrive, and has had complaints about it in the past from users. Now, they are using the Segoe type family, and this will make it easier to read and see on the web experience. It works to promote legibility across sizes and gives great pixel densities.

Microsoft Redoes OneDrive For The Web Experience

More To Come With Mobile App Refreshes Done

In its blog post, Microsoft stated that the mobile apps were their first priority. They redid the Android, Windows Phone and iOS apps. The Windows Phone app got the first refresh, and completely redid the Android app. The Apple Watch, Android Wear, and iOS updates soon followed.

Microsoft states that they are rolling out the new OneDrive experience to users over the next couple days, and to all business users by the end of the year. Microsoft is also stating that more changes are to come, and is looking for feedback via its UserVoice forum on their site.

OneDrive looks a lot prettier as of today. New colors and typography might not work for some, but it looks great.

Published: Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 Last Modified: June 17, 2015

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