OneDrive Gets 10GB File Expansion

One of the limitations of OneDrive for many users was the size of files that they could sync and share on the service. As previously discussed here, Microsoft on Wednesday officially updated OneDrive’s service, and allows for larger files and much easier sharing.

The expansion of file size limits in OneDrive will easily make OneDrive a service that more businesses will use on a daily basis. The larger file sizes mean companies can share larger multimedia documents and presentations, without having fears of reaching a 1GB file size.

Microsoft Expands OneDrive File Sizes To 10GB

10GB Limit

Along with OneDrive’s latest expansion of giving users double the OneDrive space, and the 1TB of space to Office 365 subscribers, OneDrive is becoming more useful for many. The announcement on Wednesday means that users can now upload files up to 10GB in size, from a mobile device, tablet, or desktop/laptop computer.

While many might not take advantage of this larger file size, companies and businesses will over the long haul. It means that students can also share larger files with others and use OneDrive to back up larger files to the cloud. OneDrive is part of Microsoft’s larger goals, and making the cloud an essential tool for many.

Microsoft Makes Sharing Files In OneDrive A Lot Easier

Sharing Tools

Along with the file size expansion, Microsoft also increased the number of files that can be downloaded or uploaded at the same time. It will roll out over the next few weeks, and increase productivity when sharing multiple files. Making multiple files go faster means quicker syncing for all.

Also, users in OneDrive will be able to right-click on a file and share a OneDrive link with others. With that link, users can share that OneDrive link with friends, colleagues, and others and make OneDrive easier to use. It’s been launched in Windows 7 and 8 for now, and is coming to Windows 8.1 and Mac’s in the next few weeks. This little but meaningful upgrade will make sure that sharing files in OneDrive is equal to Dropbox and other services. Plus, it makes folder dragging and dropping files into OneDrive’s website a lot easier.

OneDrive got a ton of essential upgrades. It will make it easier to use, and a great service that got better.

Published: Thursday, September 11th, 2014 Last Modified: September 11, 2014

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