OneDrive Gains ChromeCast Support

For Android users, the OneDrive app has been a perfect app that just gets better with every update. It allows for cloud syncing of images, documents, and videos, and its working with all Android platforms has been remarkable. On Friday, OneDrive for Android gained Chromecast support.

By giving OneDrive ChromeCast support, users will now be able to stream their videos, photos, and more to their television screens. This is particularly good for business users as well, since they can carry their ChromeCast dongles with them on the road, and show off photos and videos there.

Microsoft Adds Chromecast Support For OneDrive For Android

OneDrive Plus ChromeCast Equals Perfection

The ability to stream from the OneDrive to ChromeCast device is about perfection, and Microsoft has done that very well. ChromeCast has started from a few apps, and has gotten more app support, including Ted, MTV, Pac-12, and Qello. This ability to stream from OneDrive from the cloud is the best yet.

Users are able to store virtually unlimited amounts of information on OneDrive, and stream it instantly from the cloud to Chromecast. It goes from Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud to Google’s cloud of information, and cuts of the local transfer all together. Reviews have been very positive as well.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive For Android To Version 3.20

Version 3.20 Hit Google Play Store

This version of OneDrive for Android hit version 3.20 and is live on the Google Play Store. It does require users to sign up for OneDrive, and is free for all users. It adds the ability to browse all files of their own and shared with them. Camera backup photos backup with ease with the app as well.

Users with the latest 3.20 version can share files, move files, delete files, rename files, and create new folders. One can open OneDrive files in other apps, quickly get to documents to ones they have opened, and seach for files and folders. It makes this great app better and with more features.

OneDrive for Android is a perfect app. Now with Chromecast support, version 3.20 is just awesome.

Published: Monday, June 29th, 2015 Last Modified: June 29, 2015

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