OneDrive For Businesses Becomes Real

As Microsoft has renamed its online storage from SkyDrive to OneDrive, the recent relaunches were pointed to just personal storage and has left enterprise and business users wondering about their status. On Monday, Microsoft updated the OneDrive For Business at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas.

The newly launched OneDrive for Business is going to be the focus of Microsoft’s attention for business and enterprise customers. It will be the one place that business users can collaborate on files, share files, and access files from almost any device including Windows 8.

Microsoft Launches OneDrive For Business On Monday

What Is OneDrive For Business?

OneDrive for Business is the former version of SkyDrive Pro, and is tightly integrated into the Office 365 product from Microsoft. Microsoft on Monday stated that it will be tightly integrated into all of its products, and is aiming to get all of their Office 365 and enterprise products using OneDrive for Business.

The OneDrive for Business service will be available on its own according to Microsoft, and also will be part of the Office 365 product plans. The standalone product as described by the company though will make it easier for cloud storage and sharing. A new user experience has also been overdone to make it easier to use OneDrive for Business for users.

Microsoft Updates Mobile Experience For OneDrive For Business Product

Signups Begin April 1

Microsoft at the SharePoint Conference on Monday detailed the new service, and announced its starting April 1, 2014. OneDrive for Business will be available with Office Online and also a standalone service. Businesses of all types and sizes will be able to signup and use the service, and try out its file syncing and collaboration tools.

The standalone offer will give businesses 25 GB of storage per employee and offer upgrades from there. Numerous updates have been made to the product, including mobile updates, controls to the user experience, site folder updates, a better search experience, easier access to data, easier admin tools for IT professionals, and much more. Microsoft is also looking to make the OneDrive for Business product grow exponentially for its enterprise customers, and make it grow.

This OneDrive for Business launch is huge for Microsoft. Microsoft has to court businesses, and this will help them do that.

Published: Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 Last Modified: March 5, 2014

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