OneDrive For Business Rolls Out New Features

During its SharePoint Conference 2014 in March, Microsoft talked a lot about the updates that were being made to the OneDrive for Business product. On Tuesday, Microsoft on their OneDrive blog, went into details on the changes, and announced the rolling out of the features.

The focus of the OneDrive for Business changes were to make the service easier to use for businesses, and to help them have controls of their data, plus give them the ability to have folders and smarter searches through their data. The new features should make many happy with the updates.

Microsoft Shows Off OneDrive For Business Features

Simple Controls

With simple controls, the easiest and most common tasks in OneDrive for Business become a lot easier. The new, upload, sync, edit, manage, and share features are directly above the personal work document folders, and this will make it a lot easier to manage. New Office documents can be created with a single click.

Users can also initiate sync, share files internally, externally, and anywhere else with these new features. Microsoft stated that their goal was to give quick access to these controls to users, and now a simple mouse and finger gesture will make it a lot easier to use for business users.

Microsoft Gives Business Users Site Folders To Share Data

Site Folders and Smarter Search

Microsoft added a Site Folders link to the main OneDrive for Business web view, and this will allow business users to take them directly to the document libraries within sites they follow. It will take lesser clicks to get to data, and all of these files can be simply managed within the OneDrive for Business center.

With Smarter Search, Microsoft scoped it so that it can search content, documents, and folders for data shared with users, and files in the Site Folders. It will allow data to be found quicker, faster, and much easier. It also has been moved to the upper left, and it makes the Office 365 experience a better overall one for users. Microsoft also updated the recycle bin, and its in the left-hand navigation area of the OneDrive for Business web view.

All of these OneDrive for Business features will make it more useful for businesses. It is already a big hit, and these updates will make it bigger than ever.

Published: Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 Last Modified: May 14, 2014

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