OneDrive For Business Gets New Sync Tools

OneDrive for business and enterprise users is one of those daily tools used in lots of organizations, as they migrate to the cloud. But with any business tool, updates must be made. On Wednesday, Microsoft issued updates to OneDrive For Business, giving it better sync tools and more.

The ability to sync data to the cloud is highly important to any organization, and getting it done with ease from the user point of view is important as well. Now, Microsoft has made the sync tools simpler, faster, and gives IT professionals more control as well.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive For Business Sync Client

A Better User Experience

The first major thing that Microsoft did, was to make the OneDrive user experience a lot easier to setup. Now, users just need to download the client to their PC or Mac, and then add the OneDrive for Business account via the settings menu. This is simple and easy to do.

Additionally, if you already sync files with OneDrive for Business, the new client takes over the syncing abilities from other devices. Lastly, selective sync has been introduced, giving user more control over which folders and devices get synced to the OneDrive cloud.

Microsoft Shows Off Video Updates Of OneDrive For Business Product

Greater IT Control

Now, the OneDrive for Business client has been made into a smaller 10MB package, that IT admins can deploy on hundreds of machines easier. They are also able to block sync of the OneDrive consumer product, and change the default sync folders as well.

Microsoft is also telling admins that local admin privileges do not have to be granted for installations and updates. They are also keeping the 20,000 file sync limit in tact for the preview, and announced when the product launches later, it will be lifted.

OneDrive For Business is a widely used and great tool. Making it easier makes sense, for all users to use.

Published: Monday, October 5th, 2015 Last Modified: October 5, 2015

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