OneDrive For Business Details Start To Surface

The product of OneDrive has become a much talked about product from Microsoft in the consumer space, as the company updated consumers to an unlimited amount of cloud space. But for businesses, OneDrive for Business has been a talked about product with some details talked about and some not. On Monday, Microsoft talked more about OneDrive for Business.

The OneDrive for Business is aimed to give business and enterprise users the full power of OneDrive, much like the consumer version does. Obviously, rolling it out to enterprise customers takes more than a few days, and the news about it coming out soon met enterprise fans with applause. It will fave ProPlus and Commercial users fist though.

Microsoft Releases Update For OneDrive For Business Product

OneDrive For Business Details

Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business product is exclusively being driven and guided towards business and enterprise customers, and OneDrive for consumers is a totally different product. The OneDrive for Business product according to Monday’s post, will be arriving towards the end of 2014, and Microsoft is looking to deliver the product to ProPlus consumers as well.

With the ProPlus customers being a large portion of Office revenue for Microsoft, the company wants to make sure it gets it out quickly, and by the end of January 2015 it will have it rolled out. Microsoft is also giving new business and enterprise customers who sign up for Office ProPlus after December 1, 2014 the option to get OneDrive for Business as well.

Microsoft Makes OneDrive For Business More Real With Updates On Monday

What Size Is OneDrive For Business?

According to Monday’s post, OneDrive for Business is aimed to give Office 365 ProPlus subscribers an initial 1 TB of storage per users on OneDrive for Business. The unlimited angle of OneDrive that has rolled out to consumers will also be staged out to enterprise customers in later months. The ability for business to host unlimited data in the cloud will be a huge selling factor.

The OneDrive for Business product is a big enterprise play for Microsoft, and something that it needs to go against enterprise players like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and other cloud storage companies. By combining OneDrive with Office 365, it can create a seamless experience for business users, and keep their IT purchasers using Office 365 and OneDrive for business over other products.

This was big news for business and enterprise users. OneDrive for Business seemed to be delayed, but now it has a timeline and a schedule for release.

Published: Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 Last Modified: November 18, 2014

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