OneDrive For Android Gets Major Updates

As OneDrive continues to evolve across platforms, the latest version of it for Android got a number of updates as well. On Tuesday, Microsoft issued a number of updates to its OneDrive Android app, and should make OneNote more useful for Android users around the globe.

The updates to the OneDrive app are live now, and available for download on the Google Play store. It will give users a new way to view photos and videos, share files, and give users ways to make OneDrive more satisfying in all kinds of amazingly new ways.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive For Android With New Photo and Video Updates

Videos, Photos and Album Covers

The first updates to the OneDrive app for Android included the increases size of thumbnails, which will create a more beautiful view of these photos and videos. Also, Microsoft added videos to the All Photos view, which makes it easier to view all media at the same time. Video playback has been improved across browsers and mobile phones too.

Album art and album covers has been improved as well, and now users can set the folder cover by selecting the photo they want. By clicking manage, and add to cover, its as easy as that. Users will now find that they can natively publish videos to Facebook, which can then be commented on, tagged, and do everything that Facebook allows users to do.

Microsoft Gives OneNote For Android Users New Sharing Features

Adding Items and Improvements To App

Users with the new Android app will be able to add more items after they have shared the original grouping of files now. By going to the shared view, users can right click on the group they want to modify, and then press add. This will allow users to share particular photos from a larger roll with others without sharing the whole thing.

Lastly, the latest 2.5 version of the Android app has a number of overall features to the app. They include the ability to share files and folders by inviting people, updating view and edit sharing preferences, selecting multiple files to download, the ability to move files and folders, and to sort files and folders.

All of these updates make OneDrive for Android more powerful. It now has a ton of new features that are available for free.

Published: Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 Last Modified: May 7, 2014

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