OneDrive For Android Gets Business Upgrades

The OneDrive product from Microsoft is continually getting updates, and on Thursday, got its latest update. Microsoft made tremendous updates to its Android product, integrating the OneDrive for Business product with it, allowing for users to move between personal and business.

The ability to manage OneDrive files between personal and business will be of great use for mobile professionals, and OneDrive for Business users. Both the Android and iOS OneDrive programs got the mobile update on Thursday, making OneDrive a better product than ever.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive For Android Product On Thursday

Android Gets Refresh

With its Android refresh, Microsoft made it a point to integrate its OneDrive for Business product into it. Android is being used more and more by businesses, and this integration allows for users to use it for personal and business files. A document for business can rest on one section, and family photos on the other.

The other update for Android includes the ability to set up a PIN code, and access OneDrive files from other apps. The PIN code will keep the users OneDrive files more secure than before, especially with the business update. The ability to open files from other apps just makes sense.

Microsoft Overhauls OneDrive For iOS and Windows Phone 8.1

iOS Updates Now Live

With the iOS app, a new native search box has arrived. This will make it easier to search for files and documents, plus photos. Additionally, an AllPhotos view has arrived on the iOS platform, where now images can be viewed in one window. This will display all the photos in one window, making them easier to view.

The Windows Phone 8.1 app even got an update, with the recycle bin making its debut. This will make it easier for those who accidentally erase a document, photo, or any other file. They can now undelete the file, and bring it back from the dead. Android updates are live as of now, with the iOS and Windows Phone updates coming shortly according to Microsoft. Either way, the OneDrive for mobile product got a lot stronger with these updates, and a Windows Phone 8.1 update always matters.

OneDrive is a phenomenal product. Now its business and personal mix makes it better for all.

Published: Friday, August 29th, 2014 Last Modified: August 29, 2014

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