OneDrive File Size Limits Torn Down

One of the many complaints about OneDrive for many users who navigate large files, was the file size cap of OneDrive. Since its inception, the file size max of 2GB was the largest file that Microsoft would allow to be shared. Starting on Monday, that started to change for some.

By allowing users to share file sizes over 2GB in size, it is making room for those who have large file size needs. There are other services that people who share large files use, but Microsoft is making sure that these users use OneDrive, and stick within Microsoft’s world.

Microsoft Slowly Increases 2GB OneDrive File Limit

The 2GB File Limit

The 2GB File size limit was initially imposed by Microsoft to ensure that large files were shared across its network and OneDrive evenly. There are both personal and business uses for file sizes this big, but Microsoft took the high road and made sure that the cap was set at 2GB for their OneDrive files.

While many can use this for larger Excel and Powerpoint presentations, many users never needed to share a file size this large. Microsoft is definitely courting a specific niche business customer with this file size lift, and is slowly doing it for customers over different parts of the world.

Microsoft's OneDrive Screenshot Via Twitter Shows 2GB File Cap Removal

Microsoft’s Official Word

While this has mainly been noticed by various users who have large files on OneDrive, Microsoft still has no official stance on this move. Microsoft in an official statement stated that they have started the work to increase the file size limit for all OneDrive accounts, and will roll it out to all users soon.

Microsoft stated that they will update this file size increase on its OneDrive blog, and various social media outlets. Other users have taken notice of this move, and started Twitter accounts and other social media outlets to share the news. Again, its for a specific crowd, but it makes OneDrive easier to use. For those with large sizes and who operate within the Microsoft and OneDrive world, sharing these large files now became easier.

I don’t share many files over 2GB. But if I did, I’d use OneDrive over others, and now I could.

Published: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 Last Modified: September 3, 2014

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