OneDrive and Outlook For Android Receive Major Updates

The Android platform is a major thing for Microsoft, and their number of apps for Android users are remarkedly high. Users enjoy them, Microsoft updates them, and it’s a win-win for users. On Wednesday, Microsoft issued major updates to their major apps of Outlook and OneDrive for Android.

OneDrive for Android has been downloaded millions of times, and its updates have been frequent from Microsoft. Outlook, which is the major email program, has been in beta for some time, and now has upgraded itself beyond beta status, to a final product that users can download today from the Google Play Store.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive App For Android To Version 3.0

OneDrive For Android Goes 3.0

The OneDrive for Android app went version 3.0 on Wednesday, and has a number of updates that OneDrive users will enjoy. The app got 3 major updates, which include the ability to stream videos without leaving the app, adding photos to albums, and lastly the ability to open shared links in the app.

Viewing streamed videos while still in the app is a nice update, and keeps users in the OneDrive app, and with their files. By adding photos to albums, mobile users can keep their photos organized easier than ever. Lastly, the ability to open shared links is a draw for mobile OneDrive users too.

Microsoft Updates Outlook For Android To Final Product Vs Preview

Outlook for Android Goes Final

The Outlook app for Android had been in preview mode, and its quickly gained a lot of fans with its ability to view emails from any provider. The preview mode allowed Microsoft to gauge the errors and give users a final product that they will enjoy. Wednesday’s update to Outlook gave them that and much more.

The final product of Outlook is a major update, and has a number of bug fixes inside it. It supports Office 365, Exchange,, iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and IMAP accounts. It’s free, and easily one of the best email clients on Android. If you manage email accounts on Android, get it today.

Both these Android products are great ones from Microsoft. They are available to download today from Microsoft.

Published: Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 Last Modified: April 23, 2015

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