Olympics App Highlights Windows Winter Push

As the upcoming Winter Olympics approach this upcoming week, the ability to view and stream the games on mobile devices has become more privaient. On Wednesday, Microsoft highlighted the NBC Sports Live Extra Apps, and these apps will allow users to enjoy the games.

The app from NBC Sports is designed to work on all Windows tablets, laptops, PC’s, and smartphones, and is specifically designed for Windows Phones as well. The multiple apps will give users the ability to watch the games, follow news on the games, and much more from Sochi.

Microsoft Debuts NBC Sports Live Extra App For Windows Devices

Live Events Streamed To Windows Phones

The NBC Sports Live Extra app is made for Windows Phones, and will start coverage on February 6th. With the mobile strategy set forth by Microsoft, the company will allow users to stream over 1,000 live events. The ability to view this many events on Windows devices has never been more possible than with these apps.

The games are scheduled for all hours of the day, with various time changes, so these apps for Windows and Windows Phones will become a must have for many looking to follow the games. The apps will also enable push notifications for users, and the users will be able to know when their favorite hockey, skiing, or other event starts.

Sports Like Figure Skating And More Will Be Available On Windows Devices This Week

Multiple Network Support From Microsoft

What also makes the Windows Phone and Windows apps on the Winter Olympics amazing, is the multiple network support. Networks and sports like NBC, NBC Sports Network and the Golf Channel, including NHL regular-season and Stanley Cup playoff games, the PGA TOUR, the U.S. Open (golf), Notre Dame football, the French Open (tennis), Premier League soccer, Major League Soccer, Formula One, IndyCar and Triple Crown horse racing will be available.

The apps are available starting today on Windows and Windows Phone 8 devices, and is 100 percent free for users. Of course, mobile apps will have data streaming charges applied, so be careful how much of the Olympics you view on mobile devices. But, Microsoft is making a huge play for the Winter Olympics and has teamed up with NBC Sports to deliver it this Winter.

I love the Olympics, and have tried these apps. They are visually stunning, and I can’t wait to watch hockey on them soon.

Published: Friday, February 7th, 2014 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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