Oi! Windows 8 Metro Apps Fully Support Javascript, CSS, HTML5, C#, C++

This is great news for web developers around the word. Windows 8 Metro apps will fully support Javascript, CSS, HTML5, C#, C, XAML and others.

Windows 8 metro apps with javascript support

What is so awesome about this is that web developers with experience in Javascript and CSS can easily program Metro apps for Windows 8. If you’re not so much into C or XAML, simply go with Javascript, design your app with HTML5 and CSS and you’re done. Of course, these languages are not a good choice for programming all Metro apps, but the fact that this is even possible opens up the doors for a lot of web developers to jump on the bandwagon and get an app out there.

Easily Convert Your Windows Apps Into Windows 8 Metro Apps

Another thing worth mentioning is that you only need to change 1 line of code to turn your metro apps running on Windows 8 into an app that runs on Windows Phone 7. Handy? It is.

Also, converting your existing applications into metro apps for Windows 8 requires little code changes. In fact, the changes are so minimal you can do it in a few minutes. How awesome is that?

windows 8 developer API tools

Convert metro apps

Published: Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 Last Modified: September 13, 2011

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