Oh No You Didn’t: Motorola Pushes for Xbox 360 To Be Banned in US

Will we really be seeing the back of the Xbox?

It’s round three of the patents wars, this time involving Microsoft and Motorola. The latter wants the Xbox banned

First HTC had its Evo 4G LTE phones banned in the U.S., and now Microsoft is being threatened with a ban on its Xbox 360 S consoles. The reason is because the company apparently fringes on Motorola’s patents, so that’s worth a nationwide ban isn’t it?

No, it isn’t, and Motorola want the 4GB and 250GB versions of the Xbox 360 Slim console – the redesigned, smaller version – banned from the U.S. The judge Davis Shaw said Microsoft should post a bond which equates to 7 percent of the value of unsold Xbox consoles in the U.S. That seems like a lot.

Motorola filed its complaint against Microsoft with the IDC two years ago, in November. The company claimed Microsoft infringed a patent that allows the Xbox to us technology that is used when transferring transmissions from the Droid 2 to the Droid X.

No Xbox means less choice

Microsoft also said that banning the Xbox 360 would leave consumers with less choice – only the PS3 and Wii would remain. However, the judge didn’t agree with Microsoft. He said the company failed to prove how other companies could meet public demand.

You want public demand Judge Shaw? Trying launching Call of Duty with no Xbox 360 on sale in the U.S. I’m sure that’ll go down really. Likewise with Halo 4.

Motorola said the aforementioned bond should be a whopping 100 percent of the Xbox inventory, while Microsoft unsurprisingly disagree claiming it should be around 2 percent. Microsoft also criticized Motorola for not explaining how the Xbox’s sales impacted its devices, and I doubt the two areas are considered head-to-head by consumers. Are you really going to buy an Xbox over the Droid X, or vice versa?

This also isn’t the first time Microsoft has been on the end of a banning, as back in May 15 the console was prevented from going on sale in Germany. It later went back on sale, though the whole process of threatening to block a company’s products sounds pathetic. At least Apple and Samsung are talking.

Published: Friday, May 25th, 2012 Last Modified: May 25, 2012

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