Official State Bank Of India App Arrives On Windows 10

Banks exist around the world, and with over 1 Billion people, the Indian banking system is a vast and complicated one at times. The State Bank of India is one of the larger ones, and their Windows 10 app has arrived on Windows 10 for its users.

The State Bank of India app is available on Windows 10 exclusively for Indian residents, and is brings support for a number of banks within its system. It gives users a number of vast features, and lets them do online banking on their Windows 10 machines.

State Bank of India App Arrives On Windows 10

Supported Banks & Features

With the State Bank of India app on Windows 10, there are five banks that are supported with the app. They include the State Bank of Travencore, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Patiala, the State Bank of Hydrabad, and finally the State Bank of Biknaar and Jaipur. These are all supported with the Windows 10 app.

The app will allow users to transfer funds, pay their bills, block their credit or debit card if stolen, and gives users a ton of online faetures. You get a mini statement, detailed account information, transfer within the banks and more.

Indian Bank Users Get State Bank Of India Windows 10 App

Retail Internet Banking Required

Users when they want to use the State Bank of India app, will need to already have a Retail Internet Banking account with them. Users can create an account if needed within the app if they don’t, and it just requires an active Internet connection to do that.

The app is available now within the Windows Store, and has already gotten a number of positive reviews from Indian users. It comes with a number of world debuts of various other banking apps for Windows 10, and is one of the larger banks to do so.

If you bank with the State Bank of India, try this out. Let us know your thoughts and if it works well.

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Published: Thursday, July 7th, 2016 Last Modified: July 7, 2016

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