Official Remote Desktop App Launches For Windows 10

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app has been part of Windows ever since its inception, and it allows users to connect to remote PC’s and work resources from anywhere on the planet. The official Windows 10 app has been needed, and finally is available from Microsoft.

Microsoft has taken its time to release and develop the Remote Desktop App for Windows 10, but it does require time to create perfection. The free remote desktop app is now available from the Microsoft Store, and is ideal for connected users.

Microsoft Releases Official Remote Desktop App For Windows 10


To get started, you will need to configure your PC for remote access first. The remote desktop assistant can help with that, and then the app becomes the next thing to download. It works effortlessly with Windows 10 once your installation is completed.

Once installed, you can access remote gateways with your remote desktop connection, experience rich multi-touch experiences with the remote desktop protocol, get secure connections to data and applications, manage your connections, and more.

Microsoft Lets Users Remotely Connect With Windows 10 App

Use Cases For App

Now that Windows 10 is making its way from just the home to the business, it means that more businesses can upgrade their software to allow for users to connect to their resources. The official app gives them that needed piece of the network puzzle.

The Windows 10 remote desktop app can then let users connect virtually to the work network from home, a coffee shop, a Wi-Fi connection, an airplane, or anywhere with a network connection. The app also shines and excels over the previous versions of the app from Microsoft.

If you connect to work resources remotely, you’ll want to download this app today. Always check with your IT staff though, as if your workplace isn’t supported, it won’t work properly, and that could matter.

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Published: Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 Last Modified: June 1, 2016

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