Official Instagram For Windows 10 Mobile Arrives For Masses

Along with their Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps for Windows 10, Facebook also owns Instagram. With its huge userbase, many wondered when a Instagram app would arrive on Windows 10 mobile users. Well, with their launch, Facebook brings Facebook to Windows 10 mobile users.

The rollout of a Instagram app for Windows 10 for mobile users, makes the clone apps in the Windows Store something of the past, and brings the full Instagram experience to Windows 10 users. With its bright colors and richness, any Instagram user will love this app.

Instagram Get Official App On Windows 10 Mobile

Instagram For Windows 10 Mobile

The Instagram app for Windows 10 mobile, brings Instagram to Windows 10 phones, and its 400 million Instagram users. Users can edit photos and videos with its built-in filters, and gives users over 10 tools to improve photos as well.

Within the Windows 10 mobile experience, users can change brightness, contrast, and saturation as well with shadows, highlights, and perspective. You can find other users, connect with other Instagrammers, and send private photos and videos too.

Give Your Windows 10 Mobile Phone A Instagram Makeover

Mobile App Follows Desktop App

While Facebook launhed their Instagram app for Windows 10 sometime ago, the Windows 10 user base has missed out, and had third party apps only available to them. This official app from Facebook is the real deal, and a top download worthy of the Windows 10 mobile device.

Initial reviews of the Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile has been a huge success in its initial launch, and this has been an app that many have wanted. It comes in at 51MB on its download, supports ARM processors, and is available today to download.

If you use Windows 10 on your mobile device, and love Instagram, this is your app. Delete those fake Instagram apps, and get this one downloaded today.


Published: Saturday, April 30th, 2016 Last Modified: April 30, 2016

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