Official Facebook App To Be Released for Windows Phone

Facebook App For Windows Phone_ll Facebook are all set to release their first official app for the Windows Phone app store.

While there is Facebook integration built into Windows Phone 7 and 8 with features like contacts and messaging included, there has not been an official app – until now. Facebook have allegedly asked Microsoft to remove over 40 “clone” applications from the store as they seek to bring in their own official application.

As Windows Phone continues to grow and become more popular, the lack of a full featured and official Facebook application has become evident.

Facebook asks for removal of “clone” apps

This has led to several developers spotting an opportunity to fulfil a need and release their own stop gap applications on the Windows store. These unofficial stopgap applications have been the only option for Windows Phone users seeking to use a Facebook application to date. While some of them are better and more usable than others, many lacked the slickness and full-fledged feature list that an official Facebook application brings – and that Android and Apples user have been enjoying for a long time.

Windows 8 app store also likely to feature an official Facebook app soon

Windows 8 has also lacked an official Facebook and it and official release on the platform is also expected to follow suit – especially with the news that Windows 8 has been installed on more than 100 million personal computers.

Facebook App For Windows Phone

The social network giant that is Facebook has been seeking ways to increase their user base and accessibility through their network in an effort to monetize their site – something that has become increasingly important since the company became public.

Having access to an ever-growing and expanding Windows store will only help to solidify their services on all modern devices.

It is also a mark on how quickly the Windows Store has developed. Many have lamented the amount of apps but it must be noted that there is now over 60,000 apps available for download. After one year the Apple store had 10,000 apps meaning the store is growing at a quicker rate than Apple enjoyed. However the Windows 8 app store still lags along way with the Apple iOS store packing over 800,000 apps.

Published: Friday, May 10th, 2013 Last Modified: May 10, 2013

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