Office’s New Personal Agent App Named Office Now

The idea of a personal agent app for Office, was discussed a few months ago during a Reddit AMA with Bill Gates, but lost some steam with recent Office news. On Friday, the rumors around Office Now recircled, and it looks like it’s an idea in progress, but not ready for primetime yet.

The personal agent app code named Office Now, is still a Microsoft Employee only app for now, but it is going to give Office users a great set of features when it gets released. It’s organization of ideas and thoughts take over from Office Delve, but is an amazing app in progress.

Microsoft's Newest Office Now App Leaked From Internal Builds

Inside Office Now

The Office Now app has a set of features that give the user a quick executive overall view of their meetings and plans for the day. This will be highly important to those who have constant meetings, travel between meetings, or who need to plan their days with ease. Office Now, is a perfect assistant for them.

The app is also looking to notify people when there are changes to a meeting, a meetings location, a time change, or cancelled. This will make it a lot easier if things change for a meeting, and the meeting goer is on the run. By seeing the meeting change, the parties can shift their schedules around the changes.

Microsoft's Office Now Features Cards For Meeting Attendees For Transit

Office Now Updates

While Office Now still isn’t a public product, it has gotten a number of updates that people inside Microsoft are using. These include: at-a-glance summaries, commute cards, highlights cards, missed call cards, in-depth people insights, natural language event creation, email to yourself cards, and emails direct to you.

It’s pretty clear that Office Now is a real product and one that Microsoft is making improvements on. It’s going to go against Google Now it appears, and could be a great asset to Office users. By putting this into Office 365 and Microsoft’s mobile products, it could be a fabulous thing for meetings.

Office Now is still just a test product. But, it sounds awesome right?

Published: Monday, May 25th, 2015 Last Modified: May 25, 2015

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