Office Touch First Apps Arrive For Android Phones

It’s no secret if you follow Microsoft, that their Office products have been made for more than just Windows machines. Android has been a huge market for Microsoft, but the Office apps have only been available for Android tablets. On Tuesday, Microsoft issued its versions for Android Phones via the Google Play Store.

The release of touch-first Android Office apps makes Android users very happy, and is the next generation of Office for Android phones. It’s more of a preview for Android Phones, and is still in a beta phase for users. It does require Android KitKat 4.4 and phones with 1 GB of RAM to use.

Microsoft Unveils Office Touch Apps For Android Phones

How To Download Office Apps For Android Phones

To get started for Android Phones, users must go through a somewhat complicated procedure. Users first need to join the Office Android Preview Group, then Become A Tester for the Word/Excel/PowerPoint apps, and then wait for the Google Play store to process the download processes for the user.

Users can join Microsoft’s Google+ Community page for discussion, support, and technical questions. It has been talked about a lot in the discussion forums, and has been a fairly stable product for a beta. It’s a hefty download for Android Phones, but works amazingly well for all kinds of modern Android Phones.

Microsoft Shows Off Android Version Of Touch Word For Phones

Office On The Go For Android

Users with modern Android phones will be able to use Office apps on the go, and will be touch centric first. It will include a number of features that mimic the desktop and tablet versions, but be focused on the phone experience. By giving Android Phone users a modern Office, this will help Android and Office work together.

The main goal for Microsoft is to gain Office 365 subscribers via this Office product release. The Office product for Android Phones will enable users to read and view docs, and give them the ability to save and share them on the go. More advanced features will require a subscription to Office 365.

Android Phones finally get a touch version of Office. It’s a fairly stable product, and is worth trying out if you like Office on Android.

Published: Thursday, May 21st, 2015 Last Modified: May 21, 2015

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