Office Online Launches From Microsoft

Microsoft Office is clearly one of the most widely used programs in the world by students, consumers, and enterprise customers. On Thursday, Microsoft rebranded the Office Web Apps as a brand new product, and the new Office Online launched to make Office easier to access and use.

The renaming of Office Web Apps to Office Online is part of the free office online experience from Microsoft. The ability to use all the different Microsoft Office programs on the site makes it easier to use Office, and is part of Microsoft’s way to get word out about the product.

Microsoft Office Online Launches From Former Office Web Apps Name

What Is Office Online

Office Online gives consumers and users the ability to start using Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online today. All a user has to do is to establish a Microsoft Account for free, and they are able to use any of these online programs for no charge. Files are automatically saved to OneDrive as well.

This free tool from Microsoft is a great way for students to access Office for free, and will back up their documents in the cloud. Additionally, the range of Microsoft Office products available for just the cost of a signup account from Microsoft will clearly be worth it if you need to get Office quickly setup and running.

Microsoft Gives Office Online Users New Templates To Enjoy

Templates and Collaboration

Microsoft in the rebranding is launching a number of templates with the Office Online service for Word and Excel users. These new templates will allow users for example to make resumes, create reports, and handle any type of project or task that Office can do anytime. These templates are new and free at

Additionally, new collaboration tools are available at Office Online from Microsoft. Teams can use documents and spreadsheets together, and do real-time editing and authoring. This real-time collaboration is new from Microsoft and is a much desired feature from them. Sharing between OneDrive and other Microsoft products is a lot easier with the new Office Online launch as well. I think it will be a big hit for all users, and should be a huge win for users overall.

I like this type of Microsoft launch. It gives Office for free, and lets users try before they buy.

Published: Friday, February 21st, 2014 Last Modified: February 21, 2014

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