Office Online Gets New Tools For Daily Use

Office Online is one of Microsoft’s biggest products, and as it continues to grow, the mobile version of Office grows with new users. On Monday, Microsoft released updates to eh Office Online product at, and the online Office experience will be more fulfilling than ever.

The updates made to Excel Online, Word Online, PowerPoint Online, and in the Chrome Web Store will make using Office a lot easier. The updates are available now and are active on from Microsoft. The wide amount of tools added will make the Office experience a new journey.

Microsoft Updates Excel Online Product For Online Users

Excel Online Changes

In Excel Online, Microsoft now gives users the ability to transition from the desktop product to the online product with ease. Users can now insert comments and edit and delete existing comments. Additionally, Microsoft now gives users the ability to open and edit VBA-enabled spreadsheets without removing the VBA in the file.

Additionally, within Excel Online, users can use the Tell Me feature. The Tell Me feature was previously available in Word, and now is available in Excel, and in a drop down list that users can access right away. This will give notice to expert users the ability to get help whenever they need it.

Microsoft Updates Word Online Product For Online Users

Word Online and PowerPoint Online Changes

In Word Online, Microsoft gives users the ability to comment more while in editing mode, so users can make changes at the same time as others. Footnotes and endnotes have also been changed to make it easier, and list making has been made simpler. These simple but very useful changes will make the Office Online product easier for all.

Lastly, PowerPoint online got changes and those deal with a better text editor, so users on the go and online can make easier text changes to their slides. Video playback optimizations have also been updated and speeds of the slides and editor have been increased as well. Especially with users making YouTube video embeds, will make a huge difference.

All of these changes are great for Office Online. The addition of these changes, plus the addition of Office Online on the Chrome App Launcher make it a great Office update.

Published: Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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