Office Online Gains Skype Chat Support

Office Online is perfect for users who want to write and collaborate on documents, without the need to download the full suite of Office apps. On Thursday, Microsoft announced the latest inclusion of Office Online: The ability to have Skype Chats within the group document.

A lot of times, especially in the world of business and education, groups work on a paper, aand the need to chat about the paper comes up. Now, with these changes to Office Online, users will be able to use Skype Chat to talk and discuss the document, and collaborate like no other time available.

Microsoft Ups Office Onlne With Document Chat Features

Document Chat

The co-authoring experience in Office Online got better with two major improvements made to Office Online. Document chat is now available when collaborating in real-time with Word and PowerPoint. Just click the Chat button, and users within the document can begin chatting about the document or spreadsheet.

Second up, users can continue to chat with the same people after leaving the document via Skype. They can continue the Skype chat either on their phones or desktop, and teams can continue to talk about future changes this way. This will keep teams together talking about the project, and delivering a top made product.

Microsoft Changes Document Writing And Collaboration With Updates

Changes Coming Soon

The updated document chat features discussed are slowly rolling out to users of Office Online. No official release date for the full rollout has been announced, but on the Office Blogs, the rollout will occur in the following weeks. These are major updates to the experience, and should please many who use Office Online.

Microsoft has made the document experience more than just typing up a document. It has included the ability to chat about it, discuss it with teams, and for groups to work on it together versus solo. This should make Office Online more popular than ever, and should make users a lot more productive using Office Online.

This is a cool new feature of Office Online. I wish I could collaborate with more people when writing, but usually land up writing solo.

Published: Friday, November 21st, 2014 Last Modified: November 21, 2014

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