Office Online and Dropbox Web Integration Goes Live

Dropbox and Microsoft’s Office Online products made news last year, as the two companies announced a partnership that made millions of users happy. Now, this announcement has produced a real product. On Thursday, Microsoft announced that users of Office Online can access Dropbox files on their desktops.

The collaboration between the two companies has been live on the iOS and Android devices market, but never before on the Desktop. Now, users who use Office Online can access both their OneDrive and Dropbox accounts. This should make it easier to collaborate and use the cloud with Office Online.

Microsoft and Dropbox Allow Collaborations On The Desktop

How To Use Dropbox With Office Online

All the user has to do to enable Dropbox functionality, is to add the Dropbox account to their Office Online account. Then, users will be able to open and edit Office files with Office Online. Users can then create new files in Office Online, and save them directly to their Dropbox accounts.

Users can do this as well within the web browser. Users can access Office Online from the file they are viewing. Just click Open and then choose either a Word, Excel, or Powerpoint file, and Dropbox from the Web will be there as well. Users can edit the files right from the browser using Office Online.

Microsoft's Office Online Gives Users Ability To Edit Dropbox Files On The Web

Dropbox and Office

The mutual agreement between Dropbox and Microsoft is a huge thing, and means a lot to users who store files in both Dropbox and OneDrive. In most cases, one of these cloud storage options doesn’t have what the other offers, and users store files in both places. Now, they can edit and create docs, accessing them both from the cloud.

It’s been sometime since the announcement, but the finalization of the desktop product is well worth the wait. It works, its very easy to use, and Office Online users should find it a very satisfying and pleasing tool to use. Office Online is used by millions, and accessing Dropbox files makes those millions much happier.

Office Online with Dropbox is live now. Go ahead and try it out, and let us know how it works for you today.

Published: Saturday, April 11th, 2015 Last Modified: April 11, 2015

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