Office Mix Gets New Updates To Make Presentations Fun

Office Mix got a slow start from Microsoft and the Office 365 team, but as more users are starting to use it, it’s getting the love it needs from Microsoft. On Monday, Microsoft updates Office Mix, and now makes it easier to create, share, and show off.

The Office Mix program is a brand new feature of Office 365, and gives people exciting and fun ways to show off interactive lesons, presentations, and a mixture of both. Microsoft is showing some off at, and has bundled updates into the Office Mix update on Monday.

Microsoft Updates Office Mix With Team Building Tools

Live Mixing

One of the biggest updates to Office Mix now, is the ability to have live mixes. These live mixes will allow users to collaborate and build together new presentations and to work on existing ones. This is one of the most requested features of Office Mix, and Microsoft has done it right by giving users a feature they want.

This type of Live Mixing, as Microsoft is calling it, will allow an optimized cockpit to be shown, and others to add and present ideas to the mix. Users can now switch the camera off and on easier, and move around through slides and animations within the mix. All of these should make team mixes a great thing to visualize.

Microsoft Makes Office Mix Easier To Search and Record Presentations

Easier Editing and Searching

For those who create Office Mix presentations, the ability to allow someone to record themselves has been easy, but speaking all the time during it was hard. Microsoft updated this by allowing for pause and resume during recording sessions, and an erase ink feature to help people get a clear canvas of thoughts and write on a separate slide.

Lastly, the search feature of the galleries of Office Mix have been updated as wlel. This will allow searches for categories, tags, topics, and authors to be found easier, and with a large group of Office Mixes, can be a lifesaver. The search feature of Office Max has been somewhat limited in previous versions, but has been overdone to give users a better program. All of these features are live and ready to download from Office 365.

I’ve used Office Mix a little, but am now a progressional. It looks awesome and can be a fun tool if used right.

Published: Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 Last Modified: October 21, 2014

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