Office Mix Gets Interactive Tutorials

Office Mix is something that is hard to explain to most users, but once they try it out, they want to use it for presentations and more. On Friday, Microsoft updated its tutorials, and created video tutorials to showcase the new Office product. Now, users can fully understand Office Mix more.

Office Mix is a newly thought of program add-on from Microsoft, and is part of the PowerPoint levels of programs. It’s meant to create interactive presentations to users, and to present the data in all new visual ways. With these new video tutorials, Office Mix will be easier to use.

Microsoft Updates Office Mix Tutorials For Users

Starting Office Mix

As Microsoft shows in its videos, users need to download the Office Mix plug-in with PowerPoint, and are then given ways to create their new Mix. Three buttons allow users to Create their own Mix, and an interactive panel has been done to show off the various sections including What is Office Mix.

The What is Office Mix section shows users that they can ink, record, edit, and share with Office Mix. It allows users to set up video and audio, narrate slide presentations, add notes, use analytics to see who watches it, and create polls, quizzes, and more. It’s the home of Office Mix

Microsoft Makes Sharing and Screen Recording With Office Mix Easier To Understand

Screen Recording & Publishing

The second tutorial shows off screen recording. Users can learn all about it here, and see the ins and outs of embedding video into the Mix. They can interact YouTube videos and then insert them into the Mix. More tutorials including skimming, audio and area selections are due for updating soon.

Lastly, a publish and share section has been redone. Here, users are shown how to securely upload, share, and publish their Office Mixes. They can upload them to the cloud, and share them with mobile devices as well. Privacy level controls and security concerns are also addressed here.

Office Mix needed these tutorials a lot. Now, users can understand Office Mix much easier.

Published: Monday, June 15th, 2015 Last Modified: June 15, 2015

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