Office Lens Updated To Scan Business Cards

One of the more interesting products developed by Microsoft in the past year is the Office Lens product. It’s more of an experiment for many, but its tight integration with OneNote has been widely applauded as something useful. Tuesday brought updates with it and business cards.

By integrating the Office Lens product to allow scanning of business cards, it makes the product even more useful for business users. It now includes a business card mode, and the program will automatically upload it to OneNote, making OneNote even more useful as well.

Microsoft Updates Office Lens With Business Card Scanning Updates

Business Card Mode

The business card mode of Office Lens is specifically made to allow for users to scan business cards into it. The technology, which was developed by Microsoft Research, allows for Office Lens to take a picture of the card, recognize the information, and fit it into your OneNote notebook.

For mobile users, this means they can scan the business card on the road, have it all updated to OneNote, and make it a one-stop spot for business card storage. Users can search for the text, make a call to the client, open the map, and save the contact details to Outlook, all courtesy of this update.

Microsoft Shows Off Personal Notebook Scans Of Business Cards

Support In English For Now

For now, the new business card scanning features are only available in English, but Microsoft is looking to expand it in the future, according to their blog post. Microsoft is eagerly looking for people to try the service out, share links with Microsoft, and help for it to make OneNote and Office Lens better.

Microsoft is asking users to upload their collections to a cloud drive service, and then create a sharing link for OneDrive and Dropbox. Then, Microsoft is asking users to email the sharing link to [email protected], and they promise the data will only be used to help the service and algorithms.

This is a great mobile technology from Microsoft. I’ve used it with OneNote and it works like a charm so far.

Published: Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 Last Modified: December 10, 2014

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