Office Lens Finally Arrives on Android and iPhone

Many who use the Office Lens product, find it as a product that they can not do without. The ability to scan receipts, documents, and other paper documents and upload them into OneDrive is a saver for many users. But, Friday arrived with updates for Office Lens coming to Android and iOS users.

The Office Lens product from Microsoft had been just a Windows Phone product, with the idea that it would arrive soon for other platforms. It’s been a year since that initial annoucement, but the app has been updated, with over 18,500 positive reviews, and updates making it better than ever before.


What is Office Lens?

For many who don’t know, Offic Lens is a capture app that turns paper documents and receipts into viewable images that users can upload directly to OneDirve. This makes it easy to scan receipts, business cards, menus, and sticky notes. Users can then edit the image and see it anywhere they can access OneDrive.

This is perfect for mobile users and users who want to try and lead a paperless lifestyle. Together with an Office 365 subscription, the 1TB or more data storage for Windows users will allow Office Lens to store a massive amount of images. It’s also free, and an amazing tool for users on the go.


Office Lens for iPhone and Android

With the iPhone version, users will see that the app can recognize the corners of a document, and automatically crop it, enhance it, and clean up the image. It will recognize text documents using OCR, convert images into Word docs, capture business cards, and insert images to ONeNote or OneDrive, with the ability to export, save, or share the images.

Android users will have to enjoy the preview version of Office Lens for now. Users can join the Office Lens Android Preview on Google+, and the join that community. Users can apply to become a tester, and follow the instructions there. Microsoft is looking to release the Android version of this soon.

Office Lens is great on Windows Phone. Now, it gets expanded and much improved for other users to experience.

Published: Monday, April 6th, 2015 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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