Office Insider Program Launches For Office 365 Users

Getting access to early features of a program has proven to be a very valuable commodity for Microsoft, and lets them test out features before they launch for the world. On Friday, Microsoft launced the new Office Inside Program for Office 365.

The new Office Insider program is aimed at Office 365 subscribers who are looking for the next cutting edge features, and are willing to share feedback with Microsoft. It only applies to Office 2016 for Windows, and is a brand new feature product from Microsoft.

Microsoft Lets Users Jazz Up Presentations With PowerPoint Designer

PowerPoint Designer

The first major feature that Insiders will get to try out is PowerPoint Designer. The new designer tool is all about building differentiated presentations according to Microsoft. You can drop an image, and then the program can assist with ideas which the user can then use.

It uses machine language to gauge the image, and has over 12,000 blueprints for the software to choose from. It uses the cloud to search through these blueprints and gives the user assistance. IT can also tell the source of the picture and assist with cropping and more.

Microsoft Tests PowerPoint Morph For Animations


While PowerPoint Designer is all about the visual aspects of the presentation, Morph is all about impactful presentations. It lets users stitch together objects, helps with animation, and does a lot of heavy lifting of images.

Microsoft calls these cinematic motions, and it animates across slides. It can animate 3D shapes, have awesome text wrapping, and can jazz up a simple presentation. It’s still new, but gives animation fans something to enjoy with PowerPoint.

The new Office Insider program is alive now for testing. If you love Office, its worth trying out.

Published: Saturday, November 14th, 2015 Last Modified: November 14, 2015

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