Office For Mac: Microsoft Updates Office Apps For Retina Display, So Quit Your Moaning

Microsoft received complaints over Office OS X on the new Retina display-enabled MacBook Pros appearing fuzzy. Suggestions were Microsoft had not supported the resolution.

If you’re hoping the Office apps on OS X looks a little better, then you’re out of luck

Office For Mac Os X

Apple’s Retina display is impressive — expensive, though impressive nonetheless — and the Office apps for the new MacBooks appeared a little fuzzy according to users. So expecting an update from Microsoft announcing Retina display-enabled apps would be arriving, users are surprised Microsoft isn’t releasing updates.

Users said the apps looked blurry, or fuzzy, on Mountain Lion and MacBook using the new resolutions. A Microsoft Office for Mac representative issues a response saying Outlook for Mac 2011 supports the Retina Display, adding remaining apps will have identical viewing quality to non-Retina apps.

The rep didn’t comment on updates for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for OS X. Tohe Office apps for Apple’s platform have recieved criticism, described as inferior compared to the Windows versions. If you’re going down the productivity route with OS X, just go with iWork. It’s built for OS X, and will support the Retina display.

Microsoft Needs To Develop Consistency

The reason the fuzziness is being seen is, probably, because text not supporting the resolutions appear blurred. At least that’s what TechRadar theorizes. Web pages don’t have the issue because web browsers process the pages, and therefore the text. Providing the browser supports the Retina display.

Apple of course debuted the Retina display in conjunction with the iPhone 4 at an event n 2010. The technology behind the marketing term — a display — recieved praise for its pixe-eliminating resolution. 2011’s new iPad uses the technology, and so do the aforementioned MacBook Pros released earlier in 2012. Rumors suggest Apple could launch a Retina display-enabled MacBook Air.

However, text in Office for Mac is processed by the program. So a lack of Retina display support in the program means app-wide blurry text. Perhaps the next version of Office will properly support the Retina display.

It’ll also be interesting to see the resolutions on Windows 8 devices. Considering there will be a multitude of Windows 8 devices with varying resolutions and screen sizes, it could be a difficult balancing act. Windows 8 launches October 26.

Published: Saturday, August 18th, 2012 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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